Fractal Tech May-nia: a month of coworking & events for technologists

Fractal Tech May-nia: a month of coworking & events for technologists

🗓 Dates: May 1 → May 31

🕰 Time: 10am → 6pm

🗺 Place: Fractal Tech Hub! (111 Conselyea St, Brooklyn, NY)

🛠 Produced by: Fractal Tech NYC (a Brooklyn tech community)

💰 Cost: Free for attendees, all month!

Apply and Register here to get an invite!

What is Fractal Tech May-nia?

Fractal is launching a hub for founders, engineers, and students in the heart of Williamsburg. We’re kicking off the space by hosting daily co-working and events in May, free of charge.

Whether you’re just starting out, very far along, or just exploring, we’d love for you to join us.

Events already planned:

  • Smalltalk Demo Nights: Build nights with demos to spotlight your project. Receive fast feedback, practice your pitch, and see what others are working on.
  • Coding Guild: A group devoted to coding together, the fun way! We focus on pair programming, challenging each other, and working at the edge of our ability.
  • Mastermind Groups: Small groups of founders meeting weekly, focusing on goal setting, problem-solving, and accountability in a supportive environment.
  • Paper Reading Groups: Deep dives into the latest research and trends with a weekly reading group.
  • Group Dinners: Share a meal with other interesting, ambitious people.
  • Hackathons: Regular hackathons for focused time to build and challenge yourself.

Want to host something? Check out our hosting guide below:

🎈Fractal Tech Hub: Hosting Guide

A few of our organizers:


Andrew Rose, Founder of Fractal, Fractal University, & Fractal Tech


Jake Zegil, founder of Fractal Tech; previously VP Eng at Tenet Energy


Priya Rose, Founder of Fractal, Fractal University


Madhu Sriram, Ops @ Fractal Tech