INTRO: Learn to Code

INTRO: Learn to Code

An approachable coding class for friendly, ambitious nerds.

Class Overview:
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It is a common misconception that programming is about β€œmath skills” β€” in reality, most industry programming demands linguistic and analytical skill. Though it only demands this if you want to be good β€” plenty of fine programmers get by just because the tools are so powerful.

Do you like creative thinking, design, and problem-solving? Then you will love programming.


Programming is challenging, fun, and personally rewarding. You are literally conducting matter to perform meaningful operations over 3 BILLION times per second. This is a basic liberal art, like storytelling, mathematics, or politics.

In this class you will learn how to program from industry experts.


June 19
Introduction to Web Development + Server Games
June 26
Coding Problem sets: Basic Work
July 3
Building a Website
July 10
Capstone Project
July 17
Capstone Project continued
July 24
Class Hackathon + Demos

The final project will be presenting your work at the end of our final Hackathon.

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