How You Can Help

This page devoted to a particular friend, who went above and beyond to offer me help.

First of all, the way you can help us more than anything is by becoming a student and enjoying the program with your peers. Caring, ambitious students are the lifeblood of any school.

Pay It Forward:

  • Income-Share-Agreements and Debt are examples of “pay it back” financing in education. We want to popularize a ”pay it forward” culture!
  • Donate $5000 to send a friend (of your choice!) through Bootcamp, and we will help to establish the strong cultural norm that they keep the chain going when they get a job.
    • Story-time: we came up with this idea because three of our friends independently asked if they could sponsor a friend to take our bootcamp. Wow!


  • Introduce me to students who will be inspired by a powerful, creative skillset.
  • Introduce me to value-aligned angels, who want to build a golden age in NYC.
  • Introduce me to technologists & founders who are excited to build an optimistic, friendly, ambitious tech community in New York City
  • Intros to industry mentors who would advise our bootcamp students

Events + Sponsors:

We’ll be hosting tech events, Fractal-style, so we’ll need cozy spaces for those.

  • Offer space for technologists to meet, give talks, and share their work
  • Offer space for Hackathons
  • Offer sponsorship (food, space, prizes) for any of our events or hackathons
    • We are happy to feature our sponsors at our events

Student Housing:

🌻Host a Student For The Summer!